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Budgets, deadlines, and other unforeseen conditions can stop a project from happening. Our estimating and planning team considers all the project variables when building your detailed proposal to make sure there are no risks involved. From there, we safely perform the scope of work while constantly communicating with you and other vendors to ensure the project is completed correctly and on time.

The D2 team is dedicated to helping you complete your project quickly and efficiently. Our top priority is always the safety of our employees and those around us. We follow all municipal codes and guidelines to prevent accidents or incidents, enabling us to complete the project on time and within budget.

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Our team can provide various excavating and site work services to support a wide range of construction projects, from preparing the site for construction to maintaining existing commercial properties. Completing projects across Livingston County in the industrial, commercial, retail, and public industries.

D2 Contracting specializes in the following excavating and site work services:


We specialize in conducting comprehensive preliminary site studies to meticulously assess and determine site feasibility. Our expert team thoroughly examines various aspects of the site, providing valuable insights to ensure informed decision-making in your projects. The D2 team will work with you from concept through construction to deliver the best engineering solutions and customer service to each project. 


Diverse soil types, ranging from clay to peat moss, present unique challenges in every project landscape. At D2, we specialize in mass excavation, leveraging our extensive experience and cutting-edge tools to address the intricacies of each job. Our commitment to creating an accurate and balanced site sets the stage for seamless progression to the next phases of your project. Maintaining top-notch equipment and employing GPS technology for precision, our teams prioritize efficiency, ensuring maximum value for our clients in every endeavor.”


We understand the critical role that underground wet utilities play in the functionality of your infrastructure. Choose our expertise for a reliable, efficient, and future-ready installation. Contact us today to discuss how our underground water & sewer installation services can enhance the success of your project


We are committed to keeping Livingston Counties drains and the bodies of water free of added pollutants caused by excess runoff and erosion. We install drainage systems in parking lots, build retention ponds, underground infiltration systems, and much more. Stormwater management is vital to incorporate into new developments and growing areas. It prevents flooding, soil erosion, muddiness, and polluted waterways.

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The D2 team is dedicated to helping you complete your project quickly and efficiently.